In keeping with the concept of such a high profile and socially high-impact project, the promotion of The NHS Awards and NHS1000 will be on a scale never before seen for such an initiative.  The level of positive influence this initiative can achieve is in many ways related to the stories of those who will be included within the final publication.  Our selection process will be targeted towards the major sources of NHS operations, both direct and indirect, current and prospective, and will also include a special section for carers, who are providing vital care and support to some of the most vulnerable people, to key workers who are operating essential services and to volunteers who are giving up their time to help those most in need.

The British NHS Awards provide an insight into the individuals and organisations who have forged unique paths within the NHS, battling odds in the process whilst managing to bring about deep-rooted change within their sector.  These are the disruptors and innovators who are able to create lasting legacies, and have proven themselves on all levels, not only in Britain but also on the International stage.

This year the initiative will not have a physical awards dinner, but will instead be a part of the NHS 1000 commemorative publication allowing many more frontline workers to be remembered and celebrated.

To nominate someone to be included within the NHS 1000, please click below.