A pioneering, unique and prestigious initiative, the NHS 1000 publication will include the doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, porters, cleaners, ancillary staff and many of the unseen who have shown commitment, selflessness and compassion in helping others. The NHS 1000 will also feature those management and leadership teams who have set the highest standards within their organisation and have led the way for others to follow.

There will also be a special section within the NHS 1000 dedicated to paying tribute to the NHS frontline staff, including doctors, nurses, cleaners, porters and volunteers etc, who lost their lives to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NHS 1000 publication will have twenty sections, each focusing on an individual sector within the NHS and with the strategic aim of ensuring that all those on the frontline and those behind the scenes are recognised.  Over 40% of the NHS workforce is made up of support roles, without whom, the service simply couldn’t survive. There will also be a section for non-NHS workers who played a key role in supporting the healthcare sector and British public.

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