In any healthcare system the presence of highly dedicated people able to exercise a depth of commitment and compassion during difficult times is a fundamental necessity. These individuals are leaders, able to steer opinion and action towards the most positive patient outcomes and who, either through position, or personality, exercise a significant power that positively influences the standard of care provided within the NHS. The NHS 1000 publication and The British NHS Awards provide an invaluable insight into the NHS workers, nurses, care staff, GP’s, pharmacists, ambulance drivers, cleaners, porters, researchers and volunteers who went above and beyond the call of duty during the coronavirus pandemic and the initiative will celebrate the many examples of excellence, care, compassion and innovation that have shined through during the crisis.

The publication will be provided free to the 1000 NHS staff profiled within it as a reminder for themselves and their families of how they responded to this historical challenge.  It will highlight their phenomenal bravery, compassion and selflessness as they went above and beyond to protect the lives of others.  This will be a testimony, in print, of their service to the nation and will provide something that they can show their families, friends and grandchildren many years from now, to remember the important role they played in the saving of so many lives.

It is important to bear in mind that when we honour the NHS 1000, we are honouring more than the select few individuals featured within the publication.  We are honouring their fellow NHS colleagues, we are honouring the hospitals and trusts for whom they work and we are honouring the largest and greatest healthcare team in the world today.